How personalization and automation can supercharge email conversions

Imagine this. You go from sending out one-size-fits-all email messages to each of your subscribers, crossing your fingers for a conversion, to sending personalized, targeted, and timely emails that skyrocket your revenue. The best part of the transformation? The whole process is automated. If you want to make this dream a reality, read on. This post will help you shift your email marketing strategy into high gear and discuss how personalization and automation work together to drive results. What is email personalization? Email personalization is a marketing tactic where you leverage customer data to create more targeted emails based on data you have about your subscribers. Personalization involves customizing the content based on your subscribers’ unique qualities like name, gender, location, birthday, interests, recent purchases and more. People these days are inundated with marketing messages, but personalized messages are much more effective when it comes to capturing customer a


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