Inside Peeks into Product Prototypes

So many creative entrepreneurs I know have big dreams of launching products such as e-books, courses, kits, and more. But often times they get stuck in overwhelm or just don’t know how to get started packaging up their know-how so their idea never sees the light of day. That breaks my heart because that means folks are missing out on their special gifts. I know it can be helpful to see inside peeks so you can see what’s possible. So, in the Facebook Live video below I shared a few early prototypes from some of my books, kits, and programs. I hope my show and tell inspires you to start small and get your ideas on paper. If you want help developing your digital or tangible products, my team and I would love to support you in our upcoming 6-week Product Development course that starts on Monday, September 26th. The early-bird rate ends tomorrow, Friday, September 23rd, so join us now for best savings! Want to get a sense of my creative teaching style and learn about how to diversify y


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