Finding Your Pepper

“Sometimes you have to burn down the barn to see the moon.” Zen Quote Guest post by by Lisa Dolce, Right-Brain Business Plan® Licensed Facilitator, Where’s your Pepper? When I was a kid, I had the great honor of having my Grandmother live with us for a few years. On the outside, she was this cute little Italian lady, with a warm smile and twinkly eyes, and usually dressed in an unassuming floral housecoat. She spent most of her day reading and sipping tea at the kitchen table. But on the inside, she was a force to be reckoned with. As the matriarch of the family, she spoke her mind freely and no one messed with her. When I was a little girl, I saw her push the tax assessment man right off of her property. They’d had a difference of opinion—hers won out! At the time, I remember feeling shocked and thinking I could never be like her! But secretly—boy, did I want to be like her! On some days when I came home feeling let down by a problem with a friend or because I did not sp


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